Zoning Office

The Zoning and Land Development Office is primarily responsible for the processing of applications for land development, subdivision, planned residential development and conditional use. The office is involved in meeting with applicants and developers in order to assist with the approval process. Some of the key functions include communications with the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and citizens as they relate to the land development approval process. The Zoning and Land Development Office is responsible for reviewing all submittals for code compliance using the Zoning Ordinance, Land Development/Subdivision Ordinance.

The Building & Zoning Codes primarily govern building, zoning, sign, road opening, driveway and zoning certification. Some of the key functions of this office include enforcement activities of the building and zoning code(s), and responding to citizen concerns related to such matters. When in doubt, residents should always contact the office to see what, if any, permits are required when constructing structures within Allegheny Township.

Allegheny Township has adopted the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (Act 45)which presently adheres to the 2009 International Codes. The Township currently is under contract with a 3rd party contractor to perform building inspections. The company, Code.Sys, can be reached by contacting the Zoning Office.

Zoning Officer

Susan Teagarden
Phone: 724-842-4641
Fax: 724-845-9290