Frequently Asked Questions

When I have a road problem what should I do?

Immediately contact the public works department to report potholes or any other road hazard that you may be experiencing on Township roads.

Please note that problems on State Roads should be reported directly to PENNDOT and not to the Township.

Do I need a soliciting permit to sell goods door to door?

Yes, applications for a soliciting permit can be obtained under the permits section of the website, and are required to peddle goods, door to door or out of a roadside stand.

What do we do if we have a stray dog at our home?

Contact Dog Enforcement at 724-468-5505

Where do I obtain applications to renew my driver’s license, registration or obtain a handicap placard for my vehicle?

Handicapped placard can be obtained at the police station.

Any documents or forms related to driver’s licenses or registration can be obtained through PENNDOT.

Where do I vote in Allegheny Township?

  • Shearer – Allegheny Township Community Building
  • McKee – Allegheny Presbyterian Church
  • Sobers – Allegheny Township Community Building
  • Stewart – Markle Fire Hall
  • Bellevue – Kiski High School

When is a building permit needed?

Any time that you are constructing an addition, renovating an existing structure or building a new structure a permit will be required.

Whom do I contact regarding on lot sewage questions?

Michael Corle is the appointed Township Sewer Enforcement Officer and he can be reached at 412-600-5813.

Where do I send a request for a Municipal No Lien Letter?

Your request can be made to Allegheny Township at 136 Community Building Road, Leechburg, Pa. 15656 along with the information pertaining to the property in question and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Fees are $15.

How can I find out what zoning district I am located in?

We have a link to the official zoning map on the website, but if for any reason you need further assistance please contact our office at 724-842-4641.

What do I need to do to subdivide my property?

Obtain a copy of the Subdivision and Land Development regulations through the Zoning Office.

What is our tax rate for Allegheny Township?

 The Township millage is 16.50 mills, including fire and debt service taxes. County and School District tax rates can be viewed on the tax administration page of this website.

When does the Board of Supervisors meet?

The Board of Supervisors meets on a twice-monthly basis (Agenda Meeting is the Wednesday before the 2nd Monday of the month and the Legislative meeting is the 2nd Monday of the month) at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers to conduct business on behalf of the Township. All meetings of the Board are open to the public with an opportunity at each meeting for public comment. If a resident has a concern he or she feels needs to be addressed by the Township, the individual is encouraged to contact the Township Manager’s Office which may be able to address the manner promptly and/or schedule an appropriate time for that individual to present concerns to the Board of Supervisors.