Parks & Recreation

Questions regarding Parks and Recreation can be directed either to the Public Works Superintendent or to a member of the Parks and Recreation board.

Download the 2010 Recreation Guide (PDF file)

Recreation Board Members

Bill McGinnis
Howard Baybrook
Bill Ludwig
Diane Kuhn
Sandy Pulsifer
Shawn Kuhn

This is a fantastic tribute and call to action for the Trail network in our region and includes our own “Tredway Trail” well worth the watch, if anyone wants to volunteer or contribute to the development of our trail in Allegheny Township please do not heistate to contact the Township at 724-842-4641, or email

THE ROUGH DIAMOND TRAIL PROJECT / phase 2 from Ryan Bair on Vimeo.

Finnin Park Reopens

As many residents are aware, Finnin Park has been partially closed for several months. Vandalism occurred at the park last year where beer bottles were broken throughout the brown rubber mulch around the equipment. In an abundance of caution and liability this mulch was removed to ensure that no park patrons would be cut by the glass. While this was happening the vandals were caught and prosecuted for the vandalism. The damage to the park totaled over $12,000 due to the cost of rubber mulch being so expensive. As the Township awaited the judicial system to run its course for restitution the park was partially closed. Part of the case has been settled however part has not. Last month the Board of Supervisors directed the staff to move forward to replace the mulch even though we have not received restitution to date. We are happy to report that the new mulch arrived yesterday and Finnin park has been fully reopened.

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