Waste Collection & Residential Burning

Please note that Chapter 210 of the Allegheny Township Code, Solid Waste and Recycling, mandates subscription to a waste collection service.  Specifically, it states “Owners and occupiers of residential units and multifamily residential sources and units are hereby required to subscribe to the services of a Township-licensed hauler. Proof of subscription or service must be provided to the Township upon request.”   (Subchapter 210-B, Duties of Property Owners and Occupants)

Residents and Businesses are permitted to use any garbage hauler licensed to process waste within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and licensed under the Department of Environmental Protection. The following companies currently serve the township:

  • Adamik Sanitation – 724-265-4287
  • Shank Sanitation – 724-226-8320
  • Vogel Disposal Service – 724-625-1511
  • Waste Management – 800-451-3060

Information Regarding BurNing of Waste

Please note that there are strict regulations for residential burning within Allegheny Township and governed under the Allegheny Township Code, Chapter 81 entitled “Burning, Open”. Commercial Burning is prohibited under state law and Commercial Businesses must contract with a licensed waste management hauler to dispose of their commercial waste.

Information Regarding Yard Waste

Residents have available to them curbside yard waste pick up during the months of October and November and again in March and April on Mondays only. To obtain the guidelines you must request the service by phone or in person at the Township Office.

Requests for service must be made by Friday before the Monday pick up and most importantly you must have the branches placed along the curb line or edge of the shoulder of the road. Again, there are limits to what the Public Works department will pick up and the resident must obtain the guidelines upon requesting service.