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The Allegheny Township Tax Office is available to assist residents with any questions or concerns they may have regarding local real estate tax policies. These range from rates of property taxation to local tax records and more. If you have a question about Allegheny Township taxes or taxation policies, this is the office to contact regarding those questions.

Allegheny Township Tax Office (Real Estate)
136 Community Building Road
Leechburg, PA 15656
Phone 724-845-3261  Fax 724-845-9290


Important Information Effective January 1, 2018
Tax Office Hours are 9am-3pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with normal holiday closures.

Taxes Collected:


County 21.49
Township 16.50
School 90.60

One Mill is equal to .001 of your assessed value.

County and Township payment schedule:

March/April 2% discount applied
May/June paid at face
Starting July 1 10% penalty added

School payment schedule:

August/September 2% discount applied
October/ November paid at face
Starting December 1 10% penalty added

The school tax can be paid in installments. See the school invoice for amounts and dates the payments must be made. Discounts are not applicable on installment payments.

Per Capita

Township $5.00/person
School $10.00/person

Per Capita is collected by Berkheimer. Township and school are combined on one bill that comes out at the end of August.

Wage tax

For 2013 the Tax Office is no longer the collector of wage tax within Allegheny Township for the Township or Kiski Area School District. This is a result of implementation of Act 32 per the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which has required all taxing entities within the state to move to a countywide tax collection system for wage taxes. The new collector is Berkheimer Associates as the result of submitting a successful proposal to the countywide Tax Collection Committee which resulted in their selection and subsequent appointment to this role.

Berkheimer Associates can be reached at the following:

Berkheimer Tax Administrator

Wallace Building – Room 109 – 41 Macek Drive

Pittsburgh, PA  15227    412-881-3075 or  Toll Free 1-800-360-8989


Please note that currently residents are receiving letters from Berkheiner verifying taxpayer information, please do not ignore this letter and make applicable changes if necessary and send the form back to Berkheimer. If there are no changes to be made then simply discard the letter, you are not required to send it back.

Local Services Tax

Beginning in 2013 the Tax Office will no longer collect the LST Tax, the new Collector is Berkheimer Tax Administrator

Wallace Building – Room 109 – 41 Macek Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15227 412-881-3075 or Toll Free 1-800-360-8989

$52.00/year after a gross wage of $12,000.
This tax is automatically deducted from your pay in weekly installments.

Also available in the office:

  • State rebate applications
  • Lion’s Brooms
  • A drop box for donated prescription glasses
  • Dog License applications

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