Allegheny Township, Westmoreland County, is seeking proposals from qualified law firms or individual attorneys to provide comprehensive legal services as Township Solicitor. The selected firm/individual will be responsible for advising and representing the Township on various legal matters.


Allegheny Township is a Second Class Township in Northern Westmoreland County with 8328 residents (as of 2020 Census). There is a three (3) member Board of Supervisors elected at large from the electorate of the Township, and is comprised of a Chair, Vice-Chair, and a Supervisor. A Township Manager is appointed to run the daily business of the Township and make daily decisions, whereas the Board of Supervisors take official action on matters of Township Legislation through Ordinances and Resolutions. The powers of the Board of Supervisors are outlined in the Second Class Township Code and include policy implementation and delivering services to the community such as snow removal, police, fire, EMS and Land Use.


Scope of Services:

The Township Solicitor will be expected to provide legal counsel and representation in the following areas (but not limited to):

General legal advice on Township matters.

Drafting and reviewing legal documents, contracts, ordinances, and resolutions.

Representation in litigation, administrative proceedings, and appeals.

Attending Township meetings as required.

Providing legal opinions and research on matters pertaining to Township law.

Other legal services as needed by the Township.


Proposal Requirements:

Interested firms/attorneys are requested to submit proposals that include the following information:


Overview of the firm/individual, including experience in municipal law and similar representations.

Description of the proposed approach to providing legal services to the Township.

Details on key personnel who will be involved, their qualifications, and relevant experience.

Proposed fee structure and billing rates for services rendered.

References from other municipalities or clients, preferably with similar legal needs.


Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


Experience and expertise in municipal law and relevant legal matters.

Qualifications and experience of key personnel.

Proposed approach and understanding of the Township’s legal needs.

Cost-effectiveness and proposed fee structure.

References and past performance.


Submission Details:

Interested parties should submit their proposals no later than end of business day via email or mail to:

Mr. Jason Dailey

Interim Manager

136 Community Building Road

Leechburg, PA  15656


Late submissions may not be considered.




RFP Issued: 1/10/2024

Deadline for Submission: 1/25/2024

Evaluation of Proposals: 1/26-2-/5/2024

Selection and Notification: 2/15/2024

Contact Information:

For inquiries or further information regarding this RFP, please contact:

Interim Manager

Mr. Jason Dailey

136 Community Building Road

Leechburg, PA  15656



Thank you for your interest in providing legal services to Allegheny Township. We look forward to receiving your proposal.



Jason Dailey

Interim Manager

Allegheny Township