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October 5, 2016

Westmoreland County Planning Process has begun!

Westmoreland County Planning Process has begun and it needs Allegheny Township residents to participate!

Westmoreland County is looking for community input concerning the upcoming County Comprehensive Plan and we need your help! In order for the plan process to gather accurate information and measurable data the County needs input from all of their citizens. It is very important for Allegheny Township to have its voice heard in the development of this plan so that the County gives proper merit to what is occurring in the northern part of the County. Please take time to attend one of the planning meetings listed on the website below and/or participate by completing the citizen survey also on the website.

Why is the County updating the Comprehensive Plan?

The County has been experiencing a declining population, rapidly increasing median age, and relative lack of diversity. Reimagining Our Westmoreland will establish priorities, projects, investments, and recommendations that can reverse these trends and make it a more competitive place to live, work, invest, and visit.

What are the contents of a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan describes future goals and objectives for development, as well as an action plan to achieve those goals. Topics that the Reimagining Our Westmoreland may address include: land use and development; neighborhoods; employment; transportation and mobility; parks and green spaces; public facilities and infrastructure; sustainability; tourism; arts and culture; and more.

Who is involved in creating the Comprehensive Plan?

The new Comprehensive Plan will be community-driven, and its vision and policy recommendations will be grounded in extensive community outreach. Over the course of the next year, residents and stakeholders will have numerous opportunities to participate both in-person and online. Ultimately, the Comprehensive Plan will be approved by the County’s Board of Commissioners.

Get Involved

Reimagining Our Westmoreland provides a great opportunity for residents and businesses to communicate their vision for the County and identify what issues are most important to address in the near term and in the future. The planning process is designed to promote community involvement and encourage citizen participation. We know that the success of this planning effort will depend on engaging our community, so community outreach is included throughout the planning process. This following website is just one of many ways you can participate. Click on a link below to learn more.

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