Municipal Authority

The Allegheny Township Municipal Authority (MAAT) was formed through the passage of an ordinance in 1973 for the purpose of raising money for sewage facilities. Although the Township lays a role in the creation of an authority and appoints its members of the board to staggered five-year terms, the authority is not part of the municipal government. They are a separate legal entity with powers to incur debt, own property and finance activities through user fees or lease rentals. They are an independent agency of the Commonwealth. The Municipal Authority meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:30pm in the Community Building.

Office Information

Phone # - 724-845-9355


Robert Polczynski - Chair
Richard Brestensky - Vice Chair
Frank Paolo - Secretary
Joe Defilippi - Treasurer
Joe Ferguson - Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Tim Bunta - Operator
Patti Lyle - Administrator
Maria Haluscak - Administrator
Steve Greenberg, KLH Engineers, Inc. - Engineer
Meyer Darragh - Solicitor
Bernie Mathews - Solicitor
Lee Demosky - Solicitor

Municipal Authority Downloads and Forms

New Home Construction Inspections.

Service Line Extension and Service Line Extension Installation Specifications.

Viewport Installation and Inspection Information.

Residential or Commercial Sewer Connection Application.

Procedure for Delinquent Accounts.